Course of English

EAW provides in-company Business English courses in Northern Netherlands (Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe). A course of English will improve your confidence and performance when speaking English at work in your own field of expertise, be it in engineering, finance, administration, management support or legal affairs.

An intake interview and a written test will form the basis of EAW’s recommendations. Every course is tailor-made and customer-centric. Working at your own pace and within the constraints of your schedule, training sessions can be planned at all times, either in-company or at the EAW office in Peize. One-on-one courses in particular offer great flexibility.

Business English

Meetings, video conferences, phone calls, emails, reports, presentations, water cooler chats, no matter what form of communication, perfecting your English will help you to focus on the work to be done. Every course aims to be the best course to suit your needs.

Various options: