Various options

  • Email English
    A course of Email English will help you to write better emails with less effort and more confidence. Arranging a meeting, sending an attachment, requesting and giving information or placing an order, it helps to be able to write in a style that fits the context.
  • English for Secretaries
    A course of English for secretaries will incorporate email and letter writing, telephone communication, arranging meetings and events and your day-to-day communication with clients and colleagues.
  • Technical English
    The focus of a course of Technical English can be on writing technical reports, reading technical manuals, compiling a list of professional jargon or practicing the pronunciation of technical terms.
  • Presentations
    Planning and delivering a presentation with efficiency and flexibility requires preparation and practice. Having your slides corrected, discussing the structure of your speech, practicing pronunciation and delivery and simply rehearsing will give you more confidence when speaking in public.